Technical Support


General Inquires:

Application Behaviour

App is designed to detect the VSETA Tag automatically without any configurations. Please, ensure that Bluetooth is powered on as its needed for detection. VSETA Tag hardware has a unique identifier which is hard-coded in the Application for privacy and security. VSETA application is only capable of detecting such VSETA hardware.

Common Reasons with Application not detecting registered VSETA Tags

  • VSETA Tag may be powered off or out of service
  • At times it may take few minutes before VSETA Tag is detected. However, due to large range of signal broadcast, typically the Application detects VSETA Tag well before being near to it.
  • Application does not have the rights to access Bluetooth. Upon installing the Application this requirement is asked from the user to provide access.

To resolve above common issues, please ensure that device Bluetooth is powered on, and that Application has access to it. Wait for a few minutes and all nearby VSETA Tags will be detected automatically.