VSETA Dashboard Guide

The following guide is an overview of VSETA Dashboard features.


Select Property

The list contains your subscribed list of properties. Selecting the name of a property will automatically load the data into Dashboard.

Buildings List: You can find all your buildings in the drop-down list.

Search For Building: You can type the name of your desired property in the drop down list text field and the list will be filtered to make the property selection easier.


View Urgent Locations

VSETA automatically calculates monthly occupancy peak traffic levels and lists any rooms that are above peak levels in Urgent Bathrooms list.


Get Hourly Occupancy Forecast

VSETA learns property occupancy patterns and predicts hourly occupancy for each room.

Location: Room IDs for currently selected property.

Current Traffic: Actual traffic for current hour.

Traffic Forecast: Predicted traffic for current hour.

Traffic Change: Percentage of how much the actual traffic is different from the predicted level.

Sort: Click arrows in Column header to sort each column such as Highest/Lowest current traffic.


View Occupancy History

Hourly occupancy for each room is plotted in this graph.

Date Filter: Use Slider or enter dates to filter the graph and view room occupancy for selected dates.

Occupancy Levels: The numbers in the graph represent occupancy levels for each room listed in the graph legend on the right.

Graph Lines: Each colored line represents occupancy over time for a corresponding room in the legend on the right.

Tooltip: Hovering the Mouse or Touching the graph will display a list of rooms and corresponding occupancy for select Time and Date in a Tooltip.


Export Occupancy History

You can use this table to Copy, Export to Excel or generate PDF of room occupancy data for selected property.

Excel Export: Click Excel to export data into excel

Sort: Click on Column header arrows to sort by Date, Time or Occupancy levels for each room.