VSETA API Documentation

Welcome to VSETA! Get familiar with the VSETA API and service features:

Building Data API

VSETA Building Data API provides the ability to obtain organization's subscribed building data.

Notifications API

VSETA Notifications API provides the ability to programatically configure organization's subscribed building notifications.


Access VSETA created Facility AI Features such as Custodial Workflows to increase Labour Efficiency and Tenant Satisfaction.

Getting Started

VSETA helps you collect live Facility data from Bathroom Occupancy to Live Service Audit and more. Start building your integration today with this development guide.

Request API Token

If your organization has a VSETA Subscription service, you may qualify for a developer API Key in order to access the resources. Please, contact us to verify if VSETA platform is currently available for your organization.

Name *

Sample API Call

apiToken: [{"sessionToken":"<Your_API_TOKEN>"},{"propertyid":"<Your_Building_PropertyID>"}]


Your developer API Token is static, but for security reasons may change or expire over time.


Your Building PropertyID will be provided to you upon developer API Token request by your organization's admin.

    type: "POST",
    dataType: "json",
    contentType : "application/json",
    url: "https://ai.vseta.com/<Endnode>/",
    data: apiToken, 
    success: function(tData){
        var tableData = tData;
    failure: function(errMsg) {
        console.log("ERROR - Unable to get Request "+ errMsg);